April 2021 Books

The Galaxy, and the Ground Within, Becky Chambers: Another great installment in the Wayfarers series, which I’ve really enjoyed. (She was recently on the podcast Imaginary Worlds discussing a bit of how it came to be.) The world she’s created is really rich and I’ve especitlaly enjoyed how they aren’t human-centered stories.

How Much of These Hills is Gold, C. Pam Zhang: Melancholy and absorbing.

Leave the World Behind, Rumaan Alam: I loved the slow build of this one.

The Mothers, Brit Bennett: A story about how some choices will never leave you, and what that can really mean.

Stories of Your Life and Others, Ted Chiang: I didn’t enjoy this as much as I expected. Some of the stories were a little flat; there wasn’t enough to them beyond the “what if” of the concept.

Upright Women Wanted, Sarah Gailey: This was really fun, but I wish there’d been a bit more to it.


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