The Month in Books: August 2021

Infinite Detail, Tim Maughan: Great story with interesting characters, but I needed just a little bit more worldbuilding.

All’s Well, Mona Awad: The way this builds is just beautiful, and the ending was perfectly in tune wiht the mood the book had set.

Everyone Knows Your Mother Is a Witch, Rivka Galchen: I found this one a little hard to follow for some reason, which was disappointing because I was ready to love it.

Things We Lost to the Water, Eric Nguyen: Beautiful writing, and I liked the steady hops through time.

The Last Thing He Told Me, Laura Dave: I had some issues with some unlikely turns of the story and some moments where things did not make sense.

And I Do Not Forgive You, Amber Sparks: An interesting collection of short fiction, some I’d call experimental. It doesn’t all work, but if you just want to go along for the ride it can be fun.

Why We Can’t Sleep, Ada Calhoun: I found the approach to be too scattershot and I take issue with this being a generational problem.

Broken, Don Winslow: A great collection of crime and thriller novellas, with some exaggerated aspects that were fun in short fiction.

A Psalm for the Wild-Built, Becky Chambers: A delightful, charming story with a calm vibe and a philosophical mood.

They All Fall Down, Rachel Howzell Hall: If you love a narrator with a persecution complex who is constantly in an anxiety spiral, this is the book for you. If you do not, then like me you will not enjoy this one.

The Lost Apothecary, Sarah Penner: You would not miss it if one of the main characters edited out, and in fact it would have been a better book for it.

The Shadow King, Maaza Mengiste: Gorgeous writing, but I found it a struggle to get through.

If you only read one, consult your mood and then pick up either All’s Well or A Psalm for the Wild-Built.


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