June 2021 Reads

  • Sorrowland, Rivers Solomon: The ending was a bit abrupt, but I enjoyed the weirdness of this one.
  • The Curated Closet, Anuschka Rees: A lot of really helpful tools to think about your wardrobe from standpoints of style, flexibility, and number of pieces. (Spoiler: No black trousers and white button-downs required.)
  • In The Quick, Kate Hope Day: Not what I expected.
  • Meet Me in Another Life, Catriona Silvey: Really liked how the texture of this one slowly shifts.
  • Simply Julia, Julia Turshen: Several recipes caught my eye, and I made two of them almost right away. Delicious!
  • Lean Six Sigma for Dummies, John A. Morgan: Seemd like a good intro, though I don’t think it was enough to really apply the principles to the more complex service workflows I’m used to.
  • Detransition, Baby, Torrey Peters: This is a little light on plot, but the characters are wonderful. Captured the whiplash of feelings in the wake of major life events well.
  • The Customer of the Future, Blake Morgan: An excellent framework to help shift to being customer-focused.
  • No One Is Talking About This, Patricia Lockwood: Make sure you understand what you’re getting into with this one, it’ll be easier to settle in.
  • The Valley and the Flood, Rebecca Mahoney: This didn’t work very well for me, something was missing.
  • The Infinite Blacktop, Sara Gran: Oh Claire DeWitt. What are you doing!?

If you only read one, make it Meet Me In Another Life.


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