2020 Reads: October

  • Exhalation, Ted Chiang: Great collection of stories, in particular I liked “The Lifecycle of Software Objects.”
  • The Great Believers, Rebecca Makkai: A story set in two different times, which was intersting. But I really wanted the whole thing to be about the timeframe I was enjoying more.
  • The Searcher, Tana French: Really absorbing and great writing, as usual.
  • The Broken Earth Series (The Fifth Season, The Obelisk Gate, The Stone Sky), N.K. Jemisin: This trilogy is absolutely worth a read – and a re-read, which is what this was. This time, I re-read them all back to back, which was a great experience. I was more able to keep track of characters and more easily able to keep a grip on the plot, which was really great.
  • Sourdough, Robin Sloan: Sentient starter in the Bay Area tech-meets-artisanal food scene. What else do you need to know?

If you only read one, make it The Searcher. If you only read one, but need it to be lighthearted, pick up Sourdough.

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