2020 Books: April & May

  • Circe, Madeline Miller: I absolutely loved this. I didn’t know much about Circe but by the time this was wrapping up, I didn’t want it to end.
  • Network Effect, Martha Wells: Murderbot makes a friend! And rescues other friends!
  • The City We Became, N.K. Jemisin: So good. Is the hold list intolerable? Just buy a copy, you will not regret it. Plus you’ll want to reread it at some point, it’s the first in a series.
  • Behind the Scenes at the Museum, Kate Atkinson: I didn’t like this as much as some of her other stuff, but still a good read.
  • The Unfinished World and Other Stories, Amber Sparks: Collections are always hard to blurb here, but I did enjoy this.
  • MEM, Bethany C. Morrow: Very cool concept.
  • How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe, Charles Yu: I didn’t like this as much as I would have thought.
  • City of Girls, Elizabeth Gilbert: Do you like broadway, and also historical fiction? Read this. So fun.
  • Little Weirds, Jenny Slate: I’m still not sure what I thought of this.
  • An American Marriage, Tayari Jones: So, so many “what ifs” in this one. Would be a good book club pick I think.
  • With the Fire on High, Elizabeth Acevedo: Fun YA cooking-themed coming of age story.
  • The Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck: Took a bit to settle in, but once I was used to the voice it pulled me right along.

If you only read one (uh, for each month) make it City of Girls and The City We Became. Plus Circe. And if you’ve slept on Murderbot, go back and start with the first one, this is a series and it’s great.

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