Baked Feta with Chickpeas & Kale

I made this Baked Feta with Chickpeas & Kale tonight for dinner, and it was delicious! If you like tomatoes, cheese, and chickpeas this is definitely worth a make. I found it very easy to scale (I made a half batch) and it came together quickly. I have a bunch of tips and thoughts on this recipe.

I tracked down the tomato sauce recipe she mentioned, and it’s a very basic marinara. I used a basic marinara I’d made this summer and frozen, supplemented with a few grape tomatoes that were getting wrinkly. After they warmed up I squashed them against the pan and they sort of blended right in. If homemade sauce isn’t your thing, you could use a good quality jarred sauce you like (one that’s not sweet). I think you could also whip something up pretty quickly with a can of good quality diced tomatoes thrown in a blender with some tomato paste, dried herbs (or a blap of pesto), a pinch of sugar and one of salt. Taste it before you dump it in the pan and adjust as you like.

I had it with a piece of plain naan, which was a nice accompaniment. But I think it’d work with just about any kind of bread, and if you want to stretch it you could serve it over a grain or pasta. It’d certainly work beautifully over polenta, or with some orecchiette. And now that I’m thinking about it, you could perhaps swap the feta for ravioli or tortellini, though you’d probably want to cook those separately and add them to the sauce when it’s ready. (In which case I probably wouldn’t bother with the oven.)

If you’re not into feta, I think it’d be worth trying this with havarti. Basically you want a firm, non-melting cheese. I’ve never cooked with vegan cheese, but I bet there’s something that would work.

I halved the recipe since I was only feeding myself, and I ate maybe 2/3 of that. So, I think if you want to serve this as an entree for four adults, you should plan to add a side or switch the bread out for pasta.

If you don’t have an oven safe skillet that’s big enough, you could use a dutch oven instead. Or, put a baking dish in the oven while you pre-heat. Before you add the cheese, pull the baking dish out, transfer everything out of your skillet, add the cheese, and proceed. (If you don’t pre-heat the dish, add a few extra minutes to the baking time).

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