Summer Recipes

Kale Salad with Apricots, Avocado and Parmesan This is quite delicious, even without the avocado. I’d never had a raw kale salad before I made this for the first time, but it’s very good and I ate it a lot for the first few weeks of summer. One thing I would suggest is to put the dressing on the kale and massage it briefly before you add any of the toppings.

Flageolet Beans with Olives and Pearl Couscous My CSA had flageolet beans one week, so I picked some up and then Googled for a recipe. I hit upon this, and made a meal out of it by serving it over some pearl couscous. It would have also been lovely with some shrimp, but I didn’t have any at the time. Note that even though these beans are fresh you will need to cook them for a while.

Burritos These just aren’t something I think to make, but that is changing. I made a batch following the linked Everyday Food recipe, and those all went in the freezer. They held up nicely as lunches, and reheated easily enough at work. Then I made some with veggies sauteed in my Penzey’s taco seasoning, and with some tomatoes in the rice. Those were spectacular. Super easy and very yummy! I definitely liked the veggie ones I made better than the ones following the recipe. So, take this as an inspiration and make them with whatever you like. I will say that the real trick is figuring out how much filling to put in – most of the ones I made for lunches are too big, and I wind up with about a quarter of them going into the trash. Wrapping them is probably the hardest part, but after the first one I didn’t have a problem. You might want to search for some videos online if you’re not so sure about that.

Couscous and Feta-Stuffed Peppers This recipe popped up in front of me on a day when I had three peppers in my fridge that I knew I would need to use soon. I grabbed two more at the farmer’s market and got to work making these. Pretty easy and straightforward, though I had a ton of filling left over. (I had three small peppers and two regular sized.) I served some of it with the peppers, just to stretch the meal a bit farther. These reheated nicely in the microwave and actually traveled to work pretty well. Just note that this makes a ton of filling, and unless you have found huge peppers you’ll probably want to scale it back, though it’s hard to say how much.

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