Recent Recipes

Right now I am eating a delicious dinner: Red Pepper, Sausage and Chard Risotto. I am enjoying that all the vegetables in it came from my farm share, and the sausage is from my egg guy at the market. So good. This is the kind of thing I make for myself and then wonder why I’m single. Seriously guys, get your priorities straight! I am also enjoying the last of the bottle of Vidal Blanc I got at Hidden Brook Winery last year at Tracie’s bachelorette outing. It’s really round and lush and I love it. I’m sure it has in no way impacted my choice to express certain sentiments in this paragraph.

Yesterday I made Joy the Baker’s Curried Sweet Potato Soup, which I had for lunch today. It’s pretty good, but I think I prefer this Sweet Potato Soup with Miso and Ginger. The taste is a little brighter. Either way, sweet potatoes are delicious and they are now back in season at your local farmer’s market. Go forth.

Over Labor Day Weekend, I made Pioneer Woman’s Spicy Pasta Salad with Smoked Gouda, Tomatoes and Basil. This is one of those fabulous recipes that’s easy and fast to put together but is very tasty and impressive. I made the dressing and did all of the other prep while heating the water, cooking the pasta, and letting it drain/cool. The gouda makes it a little expensive, but I’m honestly not sure I’d miss it. Next time I make this I might leave that out and see what I think. Also, I was looking at the comments after I finished making it, and was surprised to see that several people mentioned doubling the dressing. I felt like there was almost too much as it was, but it was absorbed by the pasta. I would not recommend doubling it. Maybe do another 1/3 or 1/2 batch if you like it really wet — especially if it’s going to sit overnight before you serve it — and add that just before serving. But even then, I think that might be too much. I also made another Joy the Baker recipe that weekend for another party: No-Bake Peanut Butter Tart. Yummy, but I thought best when really firmly set — you might want to pop it in the freezer for a bit before you serve it.