December reads & yearly wrap up

I read or listened to a total of 40 books this year. This is down significantly from last year (63) and the year before (73). While I’m not surprised to see this, I am going to try to read more this year, as that is just too low of a number for me. It’s dropped so significantly in part I think because derby takes up one night a week and one Saturday a month, and also because when I do go to yoga, I often don’t wind up with much free time before bed. My audiobook consumption also dropped off, which I expected to have an impact, but I actually read the same number of audiobooks last year.

Leaving out two information literacy books that I perused throughout the fall semester, I finished the most in March (6) and the least in April (1). Not counting 6 of them (the IL books, 2 that I didn’t bother to finish, 1 cookbook and 1 craft book), that’s 3 per month or a little more than half a book a week.

I got a nook this year for my birthday, and really enjoy reading on that. While the selection through Overdrive isn’t fantastic, it will get better. And I’m also probably slightly more inclined to buy books since I won’t have to store them. I still feel like I’m fighting against myself when I buy a book (other than a cookbook or a craft book) since I always think “but I could get it free at the library!” However, I love reading on my nook so much that I think this may become less and less of an issue.

Five-star reviews: The Help (audiobook) and Brooklyn. I’d say that The Help was the better of the two, but this is a difficult call to make as I listened to that one, and the recording is amazing.

Additional breakdowns by type (there is overlap here):

  • 6 audiobooks
  • 6 ebooks
  • 14 for bookclubs
  • 1 cookbook
  • 1 craft book
  • 2 books about library stuff
  • 26 works of fiction
  • 1 book of short stories
  • 9 works of nonfiction
  • 2 I didn’t finish